Playstation εξαιρετικά λεπτή teardown - Κοκαλιάρικο μενού διατροφής

TOKYO — You can' t have a PlayStation 4 until the middle of November. In the video above, Sony engineering.

After seven long years, the Sony PlayStation finally gets a 4 on the box. Playstation εξαιρετικά λεπτή teardown. Inspired by yesterday' s PlayStation VR teardown we went ahead and cracked into the PlayStation 4 Slim.

Smaller and more interesting than. PlayStation 4 CUH- 1200 Entire Console Disassembly: This guide will show you the steps to disassemble a PS4 with the model number CUH- 1200A * You are.
But you can take a peek inside. Join iFixit as we tear it open see what changed— if it was worth.

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