Why a Blog About Oslo?

or what reason a blog in English about Oslo? This was the first question I asked myself before creating this blog. We live in the age of creative bulimia. We write so much, we publish a multitude of contents, but readers continuously have to clean their feedreader because the quality of the sources does not satisfy too often, because the same thoughts, same opinions, same advices are reshuffled without verve.

But it was quite simple to understand whether a Oslo blog in English was really necessary. There are few thematic blogs that speak and tell of Norway but nothing or not a big deal about Oslo. Very few if we think we’re talking about the capital, a city that probably too many people confuse and associate with other Scandinavian cities, having a wrong image of them.

In fact, turists that visit Oslo erroneously thinking to find themselves in the city of Nothern Lights, of polished streets, fish market, aquarium and snow all year round, are not few!

Let’s try to find information about the city, entering the word Oslo on major search engines in English and we will realize that the only web site worth mentioning is the very useful but too institutional and promotional VisitOSLO. For the rest, only single articles or thematic blogs that speak more generally of Norway. Too little information in non-Norwegian that helps us to explore in detail the lifestyle of Oslo citizens, that tells regularly the news, even of the neighborhoods, that, in the eyes of a tourist or anyone who would like to move to the city, are not useless or obvious.

I will be honest. I decided to create this blog with the sole and simple purpose to spread more information on the city in which I recently moved and even I myself can know little or nothing. In the end if I am here to write it’s because I am motivated by something more than just a city blog, because I realize that I myself am the first person who wants to discover, appreciate more this city but especially live it more consciously and completely. Hopeful that this Oslo blog will help me to reflect, to linger over the little details around me, to get in touch with the best ingredient of the city, its people.

If then my articles, my comments and opinions will add greater knowledge of the city, encourage reflection of others and thus help to deliver new ideas, create new opportunities, this will only make me proud and even more motivated to continue this adventure that just started and of which I feel a need not only for Oslo and for others but especially for me.