How Can’t you Love Loppemarked Time?


you don’t know what is it, Loppemarked is one of those Scandinavian traditions discovered few months ago, and to which I could not give up.

Twice a year, in spring and in autumn, the flea markets, precisely the Loppemarked or simply Loppis are one of the most intense and joyful experiences that you are certainly trying in Oslo. They are organized usually in the schools and they are always planned in advance. These traditional markets are great events in support of the schools’ marching bands and at the same time a good deal for all visitors.

Anyway, what I love mostly of the Loppemarked is its sense of community behind the entire organizational structure. Neighborhoods, schools, teachers, pupils, everyone help each other to achieve the success of the event.

From the putting up of the posters where the school asks to the residents of the district to give away unused stuffs, to the completely organization of the event, everyone, even the students of the first classes, are called to play their part. Furniture and decorations, every type of clothing and textiles, sports equipment, electronics devices, books and magazines, toys for all ages and much more are divided in departments and located in classrooms, corridors and gyms of the school. A paradise for shoppers, bargain hunters who take the event so seriously by waiting the opening of gates, the start of sales and trading, since the early hours of the morning.

The Loppis, anyway, are not those vintage markets that make happy just a niche of people but they are able to involve everyone in different way.

In fact, if you don’t like this kind of event, you can always take the opportunity of a visit to have breakfast or snack in one of the cafeterias created during the event, where in addition to pastries and homemade cakes you will certainly find a beautiful atmosphere and a lot of good mood.