Does Favoritism Exist When Hiring in Oslo?

Yes, also in Oslo, certainly one of the homelands of meritocracy, the possibilities to find a job as soon as possible may depend on who you know in the city, a relative or friend who already works in Oslo, the possibility to be introduced to who is at the top of the company.

I specify that what I’m telling concerns some areas, such as food & beverage services, transports, construction jobs and for all those job positions where it’s not essential to have significant skills, qualifications and important degrees.

In these areas, sometimes it’s still possible to find a job without the knowledge of English and Norwegian languages and I don’t want to deny that I was really surprised to know foreigners who live and work in Oslo for several years still speaking just their native Language. In which language was their job interview or a Safety and Security course!?

Anyway, I think that this could be maybe the faster track to find a job in Oslo but not the best method to live in the city. Especially if you have high career ambitions or desire to take your part of the Norwegian Quality Life which means: high salary, regular working hours, weekends off, Summer vacations in July, Christmas Vacation in December. In few words and according to statistics, the best quality life in the world.