A Success Story of Coffee Made in Oslo


he first store was started in 1994 in Bislett, a district in the middle of the city but so far from the spotlights of Karl Johans Gate. It was founded by two entrepreneurs, Thomas Půlpán and Steinar Paulsrud, inspired by their frequent trips to San Francisco and the desire to drink a quality coffee also in Oslo.

I’m talking about Kaffebrenneriet, the largest chain of coffee stores in Oslo. A prosperous business, capable to conquer over the years a large slice of the market with its 27 stores in the capital city and its significant position in the prestigious Excellence Cup, the most important auction and competition of the world’s quality coffee.

The design of cafeterias is distinctly basic, a little bit vintage, almost “Soviet” but at the same time able to highlight the 16 colorful packages of coffee available for retail sales and the two daily roasts, always fresh, tasty and different.

One of my favorite mixtures is Julekaffe, available every year from mid-November and during all Christmas time. A kind of coffee that in addition to having a good chocolate and orange flavor supports noble projects to develop the basic services in Guatemala, where Kaffebrenneriet has a long and traditional relationship with some local farms. The significant formation of its employees through the KaffeAkademiet completes this interesting business model able to win, every year, many sector’s awards.

A beautiful story of healthy and profitable local business that began in the 90’s and is in harmony with the desire for change that sovereignties in the city for over twenty years.