The Dog-Friendly Face of Oslo


it is true that dogs help to keep the family together, give us joy and serenity, I have understood correctly the reason why Oslo is always on the top of the rankings of the happiest cities in the world.

In winter or summer, with snow or sun, one of the moment that I love mostly to watch in the streets of Oslo is the wagging dogs (often with children) who, with their vitality and good spirit are always able to put me in a better mood even during a gray day, or a day that gone wrong

A kind of city that knows how to take advantage of the quality of dogs and at the same time ALWAYS MORE careful to provide those essential services to avoid unnecessary problems of tolerance that can happen when people AND animals share the same spaces.

dog friendly zone oslo
A map of dog-friendly areas in Oslo [by Aftenposten]

In this way, the owners can easily make run, swim, socialize their four-legged friends in different parks of the city where everything is set up for them. Two of the most important areas are inside Tøyenpark (Ola Narr) and Fognerpark (Hundejordet). The current red-green administration of the city is still planning to integrate (upon the requests of the owners) the existing services, improving the night lighting, facilitating the access to the water and delimiting with barriers the dog-friendly areas.

An important effort to develop structures, to design new guidelines and at the same time to facilitate the co-existence between humans and pets. A small example of smart-city in which the civilization values are also founded on the philosophies of respect and tolerance towards all living beings, including animals.