Vulkan, the Smartest Neighbourhood in Oslo

At the once heavy-industry bank of the river Akerselva, one of Oslo’s most fascinating new city development projects, called Vulkan, has come to life. Innovative, eco-friendly architecture defines this neighbourhood, which, among other sustainable features, has a local energy centre with 300-metre deep geothermal wells, and an office building with an exterior that is visually defined by its extensive solar water heating system.

Vulkan is the name of the former industrial area on the western bank of Akerselva river, north to Møllerveien road. Since 2004, the area has been transformed and revitalized.

This new neighbourhood is a fusion of culture and creative businesses with schools, hotels, Oslo’s first food market hall, Mathallen, restaurants, bars, residential blocks, offices and shops, plus premises for concerts, dance and sport. This blend of people and activities makes Vulkan one of the Oslo’s most vibrant and exciting new areas. Vulkan is a full-scale example of sustainable urban development. Built upon the idea of sharing localities, equipment and resources, the area is virtually self-sufficient in energy for heating and cooling.

Vulkan is in few words, another great example of Oslo’s change based on human and environment values. A practical example of city of future, really smart and not only in words. Because, when we decide to change the world, first of all, we don’t have to forget to make people happy.