Four-legged Walks in Oslo Nature

Get the leash! Walking a dog is not only good exercise. It’s also great therapy, based on a raft of recent studies. One of the most common outdoor activities in Oslo is to walk your dog. Even if you are a tourist or do not have yet a four-leg friend, you also can get all the psychological benefits of taking Tapper and his friends for a stroll.

Just fifteen minutes from Oslo city centre there is a kind of paradise for dogs and cats, those less lucky and without a home. This paradise is called FOD, a Norwegian non-profit animal welfare organization which plays in Oslo its important social role just thanks to the effort of volunteers, idealists, and animal friends.

Among the many ways of helping the association, one that I had the chance to try sometimes was to walk a dog outside the dog house.

If you love animals and nature like me, I’m sure that walking a dog or just visiting FOD could be not just a good idea to get in touch with the nature around Oslo but the best way for spending a moment of your time to help and provide practical support to this noble association.

If youd like to discover more about FOD, click here