My Favourite Workplace Cafeterias in Oslo?


hat is the reason to stay closed in a classic office when I can carry out many of the daily-routine tasks in one of the wonderful city’s cafeterias, certainly the best gathering spots and work (wifi!) places in Oslo. Nothing is more exciting, especially in winter, than to write an article over a cup of hot coffee, surrounded by people who are relaxing with friends or like me trying to find the best inspiration to complete their work.

I have to point out, however, that not all cafeterias in Oslo are actually suitable for working in. Indeed, I must admit that the ones I prefer for the beverage and food quality, are deliberately arranged in the way not to hold for too long customers with computers, having no Internet connection, power outlets and tables suitable to accommodate all the work tools needed.

This is, certainly, one of the commercial aspects I like best in this city. The differences in services, products and schedules among the many businesses in the same sector, dissimilarities that favor, in my opinion, more healthy competition and a mandatory diversified customer loyalty.

Among the chains of cafeterias and bakeries that I prefer for the features of their products and truly Scandinavian atmosphere, I suggest you to visit  W.B. Samson, local franchise businesses of a very good level, wife included but with very few outlets.

An excellent alternative for the quality of its bakery products, pastries, the possibility of having your sandwich tailored and useful internet connection is certainly Godt Brød. If you love good French bread instead, I suggest a break with the excellent products of Åpent Bakeri and United Bakeries, two good examples of quality and mix of Norwegian and transalpine traditions. If you prefer to breathe a more New York air, sacrifice some of your good taste and transform the cafeteria in your favorite office, I suggest in addition to the classic Starbucks, to enter one of the many Espresso House of the city, the biggest Scandinavian competitor to the famous American chain and one of the best offices that you could use in Oslo.

If to variety of choices that offer these big brands, you would rather prefer a real homemade cake and enjoy your best coffee in complete relaxation, follow me in the next few articles, and I will introduce you the best household cafes and 100% organic of the city.