Oslo and the Best Quality of Life in the World in 5 Ingredients

Nearly two million people live in the Oslo region, which consists of Oslo, the capital of Norway, the surrounding county of Akershus and Østfold, as well as parts of the counties of Oppland, Vestfold and Buskerud. This region has one-third of Norway’s total population, a country that has been ranked by the United Nations – again – as the best country in the world to live. Let’s see 5 ingredients of  the quality of life in Oslo:

1. No stress, we are Norwegian!

Oslo is definitely a man-size capital that has impressed me since my first visit with almost total absence of stress and rush that distinguishes so much the metropolitan beat of major cities such as London, Paris, Rome or Milan.

2. Green, ecological and sustainable

It is a capital on the sea, but at the same time surrounded by woods and green hills. And on top of that, on 2nd June 2017, Oslo has officially won the European Green Capital Award for 2019 award which recognizes efforts to make cities more ecological, involving citizens and favouring local economic development.

3. Public Transportation meriting Nobel Prize

Metro, trams, buses and boats. Getting around Oslo is extremely easy. The efficiency of public transport is probably one of the best tourist attractions in the city! In addition, all means, including boats, are operated by a single company, the Norwegian Ruter. And there is nothing more fascinating than a fantastic boat ride on the Oslo Fjord. A truly unique and evocative way to move around the city.

4. Diversity as a synonym for quality

In proportion to its population, Oslo is certainly one of the Europe’s most multi-ethnic capitals. The aspect of multiculturalism combined to local traditions and Scandinavian style gives the city an appeal out of the ordinary. People have a distinct knowledge of foreign languages, and Oslo is enthusiastic to attract tourists, students, researches, investors, businesses and foreign workers to the city.

5. Oslo is the school of change

Oslo is a city experiencing great changes, a true European transformation workshop where the development is tried to be reconciled with urban quality and social achievements. To be a part and a protagonist of so ambitious goals is for me the most fascinating ingredient of being a citizen of Oslo.