Carmina Burana at Oscarsborg Island

If you like me love Opera, one of the most interesting experiences you can live in Oslo is Oscarsborgoperaen or how the organizers call it, The Arctic Verona, with a clear reference to the open-air temple of the world Opera.

Oscarsborgoperaen is an event which goes on stage every summer, more precisely in August, in one of the most fascinating places in Oslo Fjord, Oscarsborg Island.

This years’ performance is the scenic versjon of Carl Orffs masterpiece Carmina Burana. The designteam for this years performance are the same who made the highly acclaimed Peer Gynt på Gålå. Director and theatre manager at the Norwegian theater Erik Ulfsby. Theater Director and scenografer Arne Nøst. Light designer Torkild Skjærven, costume designer Christina Lovery and choreographer Belinda Braza.

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