Oslo Chamber Music Festival

The main man behind Oslo Chamber Music Festival is Norway’s acclaimed violinist Arve Tellefsen. He was the initiator of the first festival in 1989. Since then Oslo Chamber Music Festival has been an annual event, with Arve Tellefsen as artistic director.

oslo chamber music festival 2017

Oslo Chamber Music Festival presents music from the Middle Ages to our own time. The festival strives to maintain a high level of interest provoking events and performers. It offers audiences top quality music and is an attractive meeting place for some of the most prominent musicians. Recruitment within Norwegian chamber music is important for Oslo Chamber Music Festival, and it places great emphasis on having children and youth as both performers and audiences.

Oslo offers many wonderful concert space. The festival expands the concert experience by using city cultural historic gems as concert venues. Akershus Fortress was of Oslo’s population chosen for the most popular area in Oslo in 2005, and the festival is proud to have this area as the festival pulsating heart.

HM Queen Sonja has been festival protector for many years and the royal couple have opened both Oscarshall and palace chapel at the Royal Castles for the festival concerts.

With a total of 16 concert arenas,  Oslo Chamber Music Festival is set for many different experiences that combine quality music with cultural sights.

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