How Clean Are Restaurants in Oslo?

A real sticker affixed to the front door of the restaurant and shared on internet. I’m talking about Smilefjes campaign that has started on January 1, 2016 to inform consumers about the hygienic conditions of restaurants, pubs, fast food places or cafeterias in Oslo.

The results of the inspections are assigned through three variants of the smile: sad, regular, and happy smile. The final judgments, based on the hygienic conditions that operators find during a surprise inspection, is attached to the main door of the restaurant in question.

Its purpose is simple: to make everyone aware of the level of hygiene and security of the place where you are going to eat while at the same time putting little pressure on restaurant managers in Oslo, thus compelled to raise their standard of cleanliness which can be consulted by anyone.

The responsible national body, besides the only one of the kind, is responsible for giving votes, in cooperation with the local authorities. The Smilefjes database can also be used freely by traditional and digital media who wish to make consumer guidance about cafes and restaurants.

Here is the link for you to look at the hygiene of the restaurants: