Oslo Floating Sauna

If you are looking for an authentic local experience out of the ordinary, I’m sure the Oslo Floating Sauna is just what you are after.

Saunas, we known, are traditionally used to rest, and escape from daily stress. But thanks to Oslo Floating Sauna, especially in this case, escape is intended literally.

Oslo Floating Sauna owned by Sørengas Badstu- og Helårsbadeanstalt Association will allow you not only to enjoy a relaxing sauna swirling in Oslo’s waters but to dive into the sea in all seasons, when it is hot and when it is freezing. The vision of the association is that of giving the possibility to bathe in the sea all year long.

Anyway, before you board, it’s better give a look at the rules that must be observed on the floating sauna:

    1. Be simple and kind!
    2. Full nudity is not allowed!
    3. Only fresh water on the stove!
    4. Clean after using it
    5. Drunk people are not allowed on board!
    6. Otherwise… Do as you want…

By the way, if you do not follow the listed rules, youwill be thrown out (into the sea) and you will not be able to access the sauna for an indeterminate period. The sauna has a maximum capacity of 12 people.

If you’d like to know in which pier Oslo Floating Sauna is located now, read more and book click here