Discover Oslo by Bike

If you are a tourist, but not only, and you want to appreciate Oslo in an alternative way, you can explore the capital simply by riding a bike thanks to the initiative Oslo Bysykkel. It’s also a good and healthy opporotunity for those who want to escape from the busy city life and ride on a jungle tour to one of the hundred lakes or forests around Oslo.

My personal suggestion is to ride around Maridalsvann. The route starts at Kjelsås Station, through Sander, Hammeren, Låkeberget, Brekke, Brekkdammen and back to Kjelsås Station

  • Difficulty: easy to medium
  • Starting point: Kjelsås station
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Inclination: approx. 150 m
  • Base: 60% asphalt 40% gravel

A scenic tour with several picnic areas and wonderful views over the Maridalen. This trip is suitable to surprise visitors – and maybe some Oslo citizens? – about how rural the city actually is.

The Maridalen area offers the view of large farms, a vibrant and beautiful cultural landscape, horses on pastures, cultural trails, rivers and medieval ruins.

The best occasion to do the tour is to ride north along the eastern side of the water, as you take the steepest hill along the way. The road is hilly and it lowers average speed, but at the same time gives the advantage that you can actually look around.

The route is suitable for children aged 11-12. If you wish to extend your trip, you can cycle from Akerselva to the city centre, seven kilometres, almost without crossing the traffic road.

To rent one of the city bikes and browse the available bikes and stations  click here