Retrolykke, a Place for Food, Memories and Soul

If you’d like to have a coffee break in an authentic and unique cafeteria of Oslo, I’m happy to introduce you Retrolykke, a combined coffee and vintage shop, located in Markveien, one of the most interesting streets of Grunerløkka.

An original Cafe Concept Store where it’s possible to taste simple but homemade cakes, drink a good cup of coffee, surrounded by a wide selection of colourful vintage clothes, retro kitchen equipment, small furniture, and lots of other retro curiosities.

But you know, as a marketing specialist I disapprove passive advertising based on slogans or nothing. For this reason I decided to meet Tonje Fagerheim, the dynamic Retrolykke’s owner, as the best way to experience in person and to introduce to you ideas, values and curiosities of this original place, as the transparent method of promoting the most original places around Oslo.

«Retrolykke opened its doors for the first time on 2 June 2014. The first year was very quiet. We had premises in Markveien 33 which is located above Olaf Ryes Plass but few people pass there and the first year was very difficult for us with very few guests. Fortunately, as time went by, more and more people became aware of Retrolykke, and we started to build up a good circle of regular guests».

In fact, after two years, thanks to the passion and hard work of Tonje, Retrolykke has created so good customer turnout that it was necessary to move it to larger location. Retrolykke is now located in Markveien 35.

«I think many guests choose to come to us because we are a small independent coffee and vintage shop. At Grunerløkka there are many conscious consumers, who are fed up with chain stores and chain cafés. They want something that has a zeal, dedication, and soul. Our guests are of all ages and nationalities. Teens who want to drink a homemade milkshake, and seniors drinking home coffee. I’m really proud to have Norwegian, Somali, Pakistani, Sami and Homosexuals – all in perfect harmony at Retrolykke».

And for Tonje, is always a great honour when collectors come to trade and end up chatting over a cup of coffee. In fact, the main mission of Tonje and Retrolykke is to offer to people a place of rest and pulling the plug, where one can get away from a busy day, feel welcomed and get attention over a cup of coffee, snooping around retro curiosities.

The favourite Norwegian and Nordic vintage articles of Tonje are steel and enamel products of Cathrineholm factory. She also loves porcelain produced by FiggjoFlint and Stavangerflint, as well as Nordic Teak furniture – and Nordic lamps from the 60’s. Tonje tries to display the items that are for sale in such a way that the café guests feel as if they were sitting in their grandmother’s kitchen and living room. The best way to make this cafeteria become the place for food and nostalgia, memories and soul.

Among other tasty specialities it’s also possible to taste a flourless Carrot cake and a fresh and seasonal Vegan soup. Because as Tonje says, at Retrolykke every single guest must feel welcomed and get respect and attention.