Fish Market in Oslo Comes True

Finally, here we are. After years of promises, discussions, projects never realized, the Fish Market in Oslo will come true, in July.

The lack of a Fish Market  in Oslo was in fact one of those anomalies that from the first day of my visit to the city I could not really understand, one of those incongruities that made me immediately realize to what extent Oslo was an amazing and contradictory city: the capital of Kingdom of Norway, home of cod and salmon without any fish market!

The Departmantal Leader of Fisketorget, Helene Kristoffersen explains, «there is no one single reason why it has taken so long to build a Fish Market in Oslo. The reasons have varied throughout the years involving everything, from political resistance, to governmental resistance. It has also been a challenge to find the right combination of investors to handle such a small project with such a large price-tag, that also takes the traditional fishing-boats and their needs and requirements into consideration. But the latest years the politicians have been unified on the fact that they want a Fish Market at the harbour in Oslo, the capital of this Seafood country».

However, after 30 years of hard work and demands, Aker Brygge, the heart of Oslo’s maritime life, is ready to host the new Fish Market which together with historic and early-morning local fishermen’s boats, will offer to citizens and tourists not only the possibility to buy the best fresh fish of Oslo Fjord but also the opportunity to eat and drink something directly on the pier.

And while the fishermen’s boats will sell fresh and local seafood at more competitive prices, the Fish Market will offer a bigger variety and the chance to buy good fish all day long and not just early in the morning.

For the fish lovers, «The menu of the Fish Market will not be a fixed menu but it will vary with the seasons, and just like the fisheries does,- reveals Helene. –  We will obviously have focus on Norwegian Cod (Skrei or Torsk in Norwegian Language) in the Cod Season and Lutefisk during Christmas time. We will also be serving simple, but tasteful fish soups and fish cakes based on the best and most fresh seafood there is to get a hold of. In addition to the classic Nordic Seafood dishes, we will also be serving sushi and oysters

Grand opening of Fish Market is planned for the first days of July and to be honest, I’m really looking forward to it.