4 Great Running Routes in Oslo Plus 1

Let me be clear, Oslo is one of the world’s most apposite capitals for runners: fresh sea breeze, parks, forests and well-maintained green everywhere, wonderful landscapes are some of the ingredients that make of Oslo a runner’s dream.

Around here, after all, sport is taken very seriously. Here are four scenic running routes around the city’s rivers and bridges, and for the bravest, an amazing path in Lillomarka, less than an hour from the city center by bus.

1. From Jernbanetorget to Ekeberg Park

Start at Jernbanetorget and run down to the Opera, in direction of Sørenga, Ladegården, Dyvekes bridge and along Ryenbergveien to Valhallveien. On the way up you pass Utsikten, where Munch had got the inspiration to paint The Scream. Continue through Ekeberg Park to Kongshavn (Den Gamle Sjømannsskolen) and take Kongsveien down to Oslo Hospital. Continue through Grønlandsleiret, past Radisson Blu Plaza and back to Jernbanetorget. This running tour is long approximately 9 km

2. Akerselva and Telthusbakken

Race from Jernbanetorget up Nygata and Storgata. Then you can either pick up Thorvald Meyer Gate a little bit, or along Akerselva. Continue to Vulkan area, up Telthusbakken, through Vår Frelsers Gravlund, down Akersgata to Margaretakyrkan, through the Government Quarter, down to Youngstorget, along Torggata to Oslo Domkirke, and to the Tiger again. This running tour is long approximately 4-5 km

3. Vigeland park

Start from Vigelandsparken and run around the park and the English park, Frogner Manor House, Nobel gate, further along Frognerkilen, Bygdøy, Oscar Hall. Attractions along the road: Vigelandsparken, Frognerbadet, Vigeland Museum, Museum of Oslo. This running tour is long approximately 4-5 km

4. Botanical Garden and Tøyenparken

Start at Jernbanetorget and proceed to Schweigaards gate, Barcode, upwards Tøyengata to Botanical Garden and Natural History Museum, across to Tøyenparken and Kampen park, Kampen church, Jordal Amfi Sports Center, back to Jernbanetorget via Schweigaards gate. Attractions along the way: Barcode, Intercultural Museum, Botanical Garden, Natural History Museum and Munch Museum. This running tour is long approximately 4-5 km

Plus 1: Lillomarka

This wonderful path goes from Solemskogen, via Grisputten, up to Vennervann and Sørlandshytta. For the swimming lovers it’s also possible to tie running and swimming! A great variety for your legs and a natural medicine for your body and, even more, for your mind. This running tour is long approximately 10 km.