The Best 5 Beaches Around Oslo Fjord in 2017

Where else in the world can you find a capital city which in winter time is a perfect place for winter sports, while in summer it offers you the possibility to have a bath and enjoy lovely beaches, just a moment away from the city centre?

Welcome to Oslo – the Venice of the North. If you’d like to have a bath or just switch off from the daily routine, here is my list of recommended and favourite five beaches around Oslo Fjord.


Crystal and clear water, sandy beach with little stones, lovely landscape and a cool diving platform makes this place one of the best beaches to relax and enjoy summer days around Oslo. The access to the beach costs 20 Kr for adults and just 10 for children. If you are in search of relax and peace, I’m sure that this is the right beach for you. How to get to Sydstranda from Oslo: by bus N.85 (Sydstranda Stop)


Sandy beach, green and soft grass everywhere make Huk one of my favourite places in Oslo and not only in Summer. Located in the heart of Bygdoy, the entire area around the beach is full of socialising spaces for everyone – beach volleyball courts, grill areas, benches, and various food kiosks. The beach has a naturist section as well. Huk is absolutely recommended for groups and young people in search of fun and outdoor activities. How to get to Huk from Oslo: by bus N.30 (Huk Stop)

Ingierstrand Bad

Nice sandy beach, clear water and a diving board to suit all tastes makes Ingierstrand Bad one of the most comfortable beaches for families and children. Furthermore, people with disabilities can enjoy the sea and have a bath thanks to the wheelchair ramp. A kiosk and a good restaurant in the vicinity complete the good impression of this beach. How to get to Ingierstrand Bad from Oslo: by bus n.500 (Svartskogtoppen stop) and continue by bus N.86  (Ingienstrand Bad stop)

Bygdøy Sjøbad

Bydgdøy Sjøbad opened on June 6, 1880, and has been used to a varied extent as a bathing place for the capital’s population. The area was rehabilitated in 2008 and is today a very nice place to have a bath, relax with children and enjoy a very nice sandy beach. How to get to Bygdøy Sjøbad from Oslo city center: by bus n.30 (Kongsgården Stop)


A comfortable sandy beach unexposed to the wind and shallow water makes Paradisbukten the perfect place to swim and spend a relaxing and peaceful day with family. The area around the beach is also perfect for a walk and hiking lovers. How to get to Paradisbukta from Oslo city center: by bus n.30 (Huk Stop)