What is the Cost of Living in Oslo Compared to London?

Oslo or London, that is the question. As everybody knows, London is a real point of reference for many young people (and less young ones) who want to turn their professional or academic career around. Oslo also has become one of the most popular cities in recent years for those who seek new job opportunities, wish to attend university courses, but above all aspire to be able to benefit firsthand from Oslo’s life quality, considered by many as one of the best in the world.

Abandoning your country of origin is never easy. Leaving everything behind, including friends and family to start over requires, in addition to a good deal of courage, to have very clear ideas and a careful and well-planned sequence of all the steps to be taken.

For this reason, it is important, before moving on, to first analyze objective data, in particular the economic one, and to have a general idea of ​​how one lives in that particular city, analyze the pros and cons of your habits and your lifestyle.

If you, like me, for example, don’t smoke, are not a daily pub-attender, are not addicted to binge drinking on weekends and maybe do not make use of strange drugs and substances (I know, someone is thinking at this point that my life is very sad!), the perception of the cost of living in Oslo is not so much higher and different than that of the other European cities such as Milan, Paris or London.

And it is actually London the city that I wanted to compare to Oslo to better understand what is the cost-of-living differential and try to clarify ideas for those in doubt between these two wonderful capitals.

You just have to take a look at the numbers, prepare a nice white sheet of paper and make your own calculations. To you the choice.