Is Oslo 100% Norwegian?

Is Oslo the Norwegian to 100% and the capital of Norway? The city where it is always dark, with aurora borealis all year round, the homeland of oil?

Let’s precise it straight away, the difference between Oslo and the rest of Norway will be topic of many articles, interviews and reflections just because Oslo is the capital of Norway, but aurora borealis here is a rarity, in winter we have approximately light up until 4 pm and petroleum fields are in the North Sea about 2000 km from Oslo!


I would suffer a lot if I lived in Norway all year long, but fortunately I chose to live in Oslo, a capital full of contrasts and never banal.  The ideal solution to satisfy my personal quest for perfection not in a broad sense but in harmony between myself and what surrounds me.

Oslo is the small capital of beautiful and motherly Norway, but it is still a city of commerce where one often looks for and thinks about money, where competition in every sector is becoming important, where defects, not a few, can be transformed into opportunities.

Ingredients that will turn up the noses of lovers of Norway more pure but, joined to the wonderful nature that surrounds the city, the multiculturality of its inhabitants and the solidity of a state that has always done its duty, make me feel at the centre of the world, as if I was living in a small London having a Scandinavian fairy-tale flavour.

From Sunday traditional dresses, Bunader, to Bjørvika‘s elegant businessmen, from the seriousness of the working week to the weekend’s light-heartedness, from monarchical traditions, to the desire for autonomy and originality, in the small Norwegian capital it is really hard to suffer from monotony. But how does Oslo differ from the rest of Norway? Apart from the climate, certainly more clement than in Bergen or Tromsø, I understand that for Oslo citizens every variation of tradition is not condemned with prejudice or judged as a lack, but as a chance to constantly improve and renew.

And if in Finnmark County, which is located in the extreme north of Norway, it is still easy to find a well-paid and yet tax-free job, even without relevant CV or skills, here in Oslo times are changing. If a satisfying job career combined with a good income and good balance between private and professional life are your priorities, you can certainly experience it in Oslo, but only by combining the courage to leave, a great deal of talent, determination and wickedness to make you emerge in a labour market and in a more and more competitive city but, though, not less fascinating. The right compromise between the Scandinavian lifestyle and a healthy (but not too much) Western agonism.