Best 7 Coffee Shops in Oslo

You know you’re an authentic Oslo citizen when you can’t live without your morning cup from your favorite coffee shop. And finally also in Oslo, since a few years, it is possible to drink a great and high-quality coffee.

In fact, thanks to the opening of many independent cafeterias, Oslo is brimming with top notch coffee culture that around here it’s better to call coffee science.

My favorite coffee chain in Oslo is Kaffebrenneriet, which was started by entrepreneurs inspired by their travels to San Francisco in the mid-90s, lamenting the lack of good espresso-based coffee on their return.

Anyway, I’ve rounded up the best places to check out this creative caffeinated community – these are the best cafés and best coffee shops in Oslo.

Fuglen __
Kaffebrenneriet __
Java & Mocca __
Liebling __
Supreme Roastworks __
Stockfleths __
Tim Wendelboe __


Cover Picture Tim Wendelboe