5 Children Friendly Farms in Oslo

More and more children today have less and less contact with nature. And this has a huge impact on their health and development  Enjoy a family day on one of these fantastic children’s farms around Oslo.

These farms in Oslo are perfect for your children to start exploring the world of farms and animals. What are you waiting for? Here is my list of 5 Family And Children Friendly Farms around Oslo.

Bogstad Farm, Oslo

Bogstad is a Manor House from the 18th Century with authentic interiors and a wonderful park around. Bogstad offers activities for the whole family. At Bogstad, your children can meet the animals and stay in touch with the nature. In this farm you can find cows, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits. In addition, horses, and pigs. The owners also grow potatoes. The animal shelter is open from Tuesday to Friday from October to May. During the rest of the year you will find the livestock on the fields surrounding the farm. Once a year it’s also possible to take part in Sheep’s Day, a popular family day out around here with many funny activities for you children and the whole family. This year, the Sheep’s Day in Bogstad is planned next September 17th. If you would like to get more info please click here

Nordre Lindeberg City Farm, Oslo

Organize one day trip in Nordre Lindeberg City Farm for the whole family! A fantastic experience where your children get to meet, know and enjoy the horses, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, rabbits, dogs, cats and pigs.. Here you can visit the goat farm, with goats who love cuddles and attention. In the chicken coop, your children can see the hens laying eggs and meet peacocks. Café open on Sundays 11-15, when horse & carriage rides are also available. Nordre Lindeberg Farm is open for groups all year round, but is closed on most public holidays. If you would like to get more info please click here

Kampen Ecological Children’s Farm, Oslo

In Kampen, between Kampen skole and the subway station at Ensjø, is located a small red house. This is Kampen ecological children’s farm. The site was started in spring 1994. The idea of a farm in Oslo town started as a wish of three girls in 1991. Kampen ecological children’s farm appears nowadays like a little oasis in the middle of Oslo daily life. KØBB is a farm that herds pigs, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, cats, rabbits, chickens and a donkey. They also have an organic school garden, and the farm aims to be a place where children and adults can learn, play and relax. KØBB organizes several different activities every week, in addition to some special events during the year. If you would like to get more info please click here

Søndre Aas Farm, Oslo

A beautiful, well-kept and well-run farm, in the heart of a district in Oslo, Søndre Aas is a rural gem fortunately not far from train and bus stop. Søndre Aas Farm is located in the countryside around Holmlia, with large, beautiful fields on all sides. A little forest are close to the farm is a delight for deer, reef, hares and many different birds. It is also nice to go hiking on the gravel roads around the farm. Søndre Aas Farm offers a different leisure not just for children but for the whole family. The most part of the activities take place outdoors. They have a riding school, horses, but also sheep, pigs, roosters and chickens, peacocks and cats. In addition, they have a storehouse cafe where you can enjoy time with friends. If you would like to get more info please click here

Skjerven Farm, Oslo

Traditional farm with a beautiful location next to Maridalsvannet lake, Skjerven Farm is home to a few animals, and also hosts activities from time to time. Skjerven farm offers riding lessons for children over 10 years. The farm is not open for children all the time but it is well worth visiting in Christmas time. In December, entire family can visit a big Christmas market that offers a lot of activities for children. Here you can seat around the fire and tell your best wishes for Christmas, ride a horse, listen to the Christmas story or feel the smell of freshly baked lefse, a traditional Norwegian soft bread, or taste a Christmas porridge. A real travel through the times to the Norwegian Christmas fairy-tale! If you would like to get more info please click here