What is the cost of living in Oslo compared to Milan?

Since I have founded this blog about Oslo, I continue to receive numerous messages from Italians who write me asking for information about Oslo, and in every email there is a recurring question: how much does it cost to live in Oslo? The cost of living in Oslo is high, right? Is it true that salaries are high in Oslo but it is expensive to live there?

The answer is always – it depends. Try to make the question differently. Think about it well. How do we assess whether a store’s prices are competitive or not? Comparing it to the prices in another store with similar features … similar features … similar features … Did you understand?! I repeat, similar features!!!

Next time you ask yourself how expensive is Oslo, or London or New York, don’t compare it to Canicattì (Sicily), because, no offense, it would be like comparing a racing car to a family van, an iPhone 8 to Nokia 3310, a dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant to a McDonalds menu.

To answer your question, I decided to compare Oslo to Milan which is in my opinion the Italian city, for economy, lifestyle and mental openness, more close to the capital of Norway. Here are the numbers. Opinions, comments, and ratings I leave to you.