ear reader, I am Francesco Speradio, Marketing Consultant and Founder of In Oslo, People & Lifestyle the first blog in English about Oslo which I consider the best opportunity to share the city where I live with tourists, citizens, and curious.

I’m 35 and sometimes I do not look it! For over a year now I’ve been living in Oslo, a city where I have moved in the pursuit of a better quality of life and to which I feel bound by the same goal: learning to change with the aim to improve every day.

In Oslo is an original way to look at the city with my insatiable sense of curiosity, marketing eye in search of the most interesting businesses, restaurants, shops, hidden events, stories to tell.

In short, if you are a traveler and looking for common information about monuments, usual touristic spots around Oslo, this blog and, maybe, the city are not for you. If you are like me interested in details it will be a pleasure to go deep and involve you into the most interesting attractions of Oslo – people and lifestyle.

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Francesco Speradio, In Oslo Founder