Francesco Speradio

I am Francesco Speradio, marketing and business development consultant, with almost 10 years experience in management and entrepreneurship in Italy. Futhermore, I’m Oslo Blogger and Ambassador for VizEat, European Leader of Social Dining.

I started my musical training as a child, a tangible revolution in my student’s life which taught me the importance of education not only as teaching of knowledge or know-how but as a method to find myself, as the art to tie the rational with the irrational, to activate what is placed in the intimate spheres in each of us: the art of knowing how to be and knowing how to feel.

At age of 23, by necessity and almost for fun, I began my first experience in a company, for the marketing department of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Cosenza. Here I discovered the beauty of marketing as a pleasure to promote values to satisfy the wishes and needs of people.

A few years later, I applied at a competition that the Cosenza Municipal Administration has arranged to rebuild the city train depot with the propose to create a multifunctional space, a modern Literary Cafe. My project won the competition and I became general manager for the next six years. An exciting opportunity to create a company from nothing, to develop it, to tie the musical concepts of listening and the essence of marketing and communication. The creation of value, shared-value and profit in relation with the needs and satisfaction of the people. Here I learned the managerial art as a way of affirming one’s freedom through the formulation of a clear and durable development strategy, capable of evolving and adapting itself to change: listening, networking and learning from the customers.

francesco speradio oslo blogger
Francesco Speradio [In Oslo Founder]

However, if you want to continue a growth process it’s necessary a lot of ambition and constant incentives. Therefore, at the end of this extraordinary management experience I decided to move to Oslo, the city where I love to live, work, and especially at which I feel connected by the same goal: to learn to change becoming better every day.

Currently I am taking an Executive Master in Strategic Marketing Management at the Sole 24 ORE Business School in Milan to continue my growth process, to acquire new competences and to be always ready for new challenges in a rapidly evolving world. Outside of the office, my main passions are classical music, contemporary art, second hand shopping, cooking, reading, writing, traveling.